Excerpt from 'Dark Dreams'
by Posy Churchgate

As she dressed for work that morning she fantasized about undressing for a Dom—her Dom—later. To play along she chose her outfit with care: a white blouse which could be unbuttoned and a dark pencil skirt to hug her curves and hobble her steps. Imagining that she had a stern master to please boosted her mood. Gail was decisive with clients, applying some extra pressure to those inclined to dither. After setting herself a list of objectives and tighter deadlines than usual by which to achieve them, she felt her day at the office had been productive. When she got home she remained in work attire, simply slipping off shoes in the hall…………..

Indulgent Desires

Gail felt fevered from the vivid passage. She hastily unbuttoned her blouse to free her breasts from the confines of their satin cups. She felt shameless sitting with one hand up her skirt and her tits exposed, but playing into her fantasy that she was being watched, it was thrilling. She pinched each nipple hard. The intense sensation, equal parts pleasure and pain, caused further throbs in her pussy. Alternating between each nub, she maintained fresh triggers of sensation. Bolts of lust raced from her chest to her pussy. Gail imagined her dominant lover commanding she torment her tender flesh as he watched her squirm.

Indulgent Desires

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'Dark Dreams' is featured in 'Best Bondage Erotica Of The Year - Volume Two'. We think it's sexy and sensual....

After her six-year affair ends Gail discovers a new way to release her sexual energy using online sources.

Share Gail’s BDSM experience in vivid detail as she explores her submissive nature through fantasy and frank conversations - a side of herself that she didn’t know existed and is very much enjoying!

Posy’s short story is a hot read, guaranteed to set your pulse racing. A steamy tale about a woman embarking on a journey of self discovery and self-love. A must read for all lovers of erotica with a taste for kink.


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